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A Parent's Story

I sit here and whilst thinking what to write I think I have the biggest cheek to feel sorry for myself. I've been lucky to remain in employment as has my husband although its been reduced. When the first lockdown was announced we were told to work from home, this is something that's never been allowed before. Add a 2 and 3 year old and the closure of nursery the novelty quickly wore off. I had some really bad days that only got worse the next. The children were having more and more time in front of the TV so I could work and less and less structure. Most evenings I'd be left feelings really sad or really wound up. We are still now trying to undo the bad habits we have allowed them to pick up. My parents had to shield and there was nowhere to go. I realised although in the area I know of other parents I haven't made any friends. Days would pass before any communication on my phone would be from a personal contact.


At this point I realised I am fairly lonely and probably mildly depressed. I've never spoke to anyone through fear they will inform social services and question the care of the children as this is definitely not a concern

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