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Children + Young People

The pandemic has been significantly challenging for families. Parents are concerned about the impact on their children’s education, and on their mental health. People struggled with juggling the tasks of working whilst also educating their children at home and they also expressed concerns on the strain on relationships.

Young people’s mental health was a concern

With access to learning being challenging for some,

When asked what positive things have taken place during the pandemic many expressed gratitude for having more time with children and the wider family. 

A few mentioned BDCA and the appreciation of the activities and care that’s been shown throughout the lockdown.

When looking to the future many were looking forward to schools reopening and re-engaging with the world, 

There was also a range of suggestions for future activities including sports + fitness, clubs, child care and playgroups, outdoor play space, after school clubs and homework support, and holiday schemes. 

24% of respondents referred to the wider family as being a concern. These ranged from missing family, concerns about children or elderly parents and relationship difficulties.

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