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When asked what positive things have taken place during the pandemic many found things to be grateful for 

When looking to the future a number expressed a desire to see local action in improving and enjoying  the local environment,


Themes relating to wider environment issues run through many of the responses received through Voices for Change. These were often framed positively with many experiencing a sense of gratitude for our green spaces which has sustained many people’s sense of resilience, especially during the lockdown. As the lockdown eases a number expressed a desire to travel and go on organised day trips in to the countryside. In addition, there was a desire to see improved recycling in the borough along with ‘quiet’ street initiatives to encourage walking and cycling.

In addition recycling and ‘quiet’ street initiatives, a desire for cleaner streets and less fly tipping, with a number of participants calling for community action to support this aspiration. 24 people mentioned rubbish, litter or fly tipping as a concern.

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