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Throughout this report there may be some terms you are unfamiliar with, we hope this glossary of keywords is helpful.
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Bonny Downs Community Association
The Well Community Centre, 49 Vicarage Lane, London E6 6DQ
Tel: 0208 586 7070 | Email:
Charity Reg No: 1071625 | Company Limited by Guarantee No: 3625785


Getting support from another person to help you express your views and wishes, and help you stand up for your rights. Someone who helps you in this way is called your advocate.


The poorest condition in which it is acceptable to live, with only just enough money to buy food, pay their rent, etc.

Compounding Difficulties

Difficulties  that add to an already existing problem, making it worse

Community Researchers

Individuals who are given training to conduct research in their own community. 

Circadian Rhythm

A natural, internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours

Recourse to public funds 

This means a person that has no entitlement to the majority of welfare benefits, including income support, housing benefit and a range of allowances and tax credits.


The fact that a situation is not fair, or something that is not fair in a situation

Financial Literacy

The ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.


Poverty so extreme that one lacks the means to provide for oneself

Zero hours contract

A work contract in which the employer does not guarantee the individual any hours of work. The employer offers the individual work when it arises, often called shift work.

Socio - economic

The interaction of social and economic factors and how these affect us.

Social Cohesion

The extent of connectedness and solidarity among groups in society.
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