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Newham has a long history of low incomes. Even before the Pandemic almost half (49%) of Newham households were living in poverty, with 52% of children growing up in low income households. Average earnings in Newham are £6,000 below the London average [6]. The full impact of the pandemic on rates of poverty is yet to be determined but we can be confident that the effects will be long lasting, particularly as Newham faces historical inequities.
These concerns were echoed in many of the responses in the surveys and stories. Money related issues were expressed as a major concern. Around 36% of responses mentioned money issues as a key area of concern.


When asked what positive things had occurred during the pandemic a few people had expressed gratitude to BDCA for assisting with essential services and for government schemes

When thinking about the future people suggested a number of areas that would help them to achieve their goals. Including financial literacy and budgeting advice, advocacy and signposting to available services 

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