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Sleep Dream


The morning Routine

The pink and blue

The moment of awakening

The morning mirror messes

The two ducklings hatching from yesterday’s trauma

The glory of knowing we made it through the night

The Jazmin Sullivan’s

The Earth, Wind and fires

The Children of the wind

The Ojerime’s

Blasting from the Sonos

We drown ourselves in these sounds

We are the last twigs fighting for survival on the winter tree

These twigs will not fall

We will not fall

We wave at the kids playing football below

East Finchley has just won the World Cup

We cheer


Back to the flat

The Rapid snatch of a wooden spoon out of my hand making me feel worthless

The inability to just do it

The blanket of separation

The binging of anxiety

The way it all just disappears with a good nights sleep dream

Voices for Change is a community research project led by Bonny Downs Community Association.
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