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Themes+ Findings

Between Oct 2020 and March 2021, our peer researchers were able to reach into networks in their own communities, ensuring that we heard from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Nevertheless our team could not be expected to cover every demographic in a community as diverse as Newham, and our inability to do physical outreach hampered our ability to engage as widely as we would have liked. These findings do not claim to be representative of the whole borough or even that of East Ham. As the research phase progressed, we were able to identify gaps and target our efforts accordingly. Resulting in the themes and findings shown on this website.
The route to recovery and rebuilding will not be linear. Present priorities, as described in this research, are likely to shift as circumstances change. In order to learn and respond appropriately to these changing needs, BDCA wants to continue this conversation. Voices for Change and this virtual showing of the report's findings are the first steps in building a legacy of communication between residents and local resources.

Continuing the Conversation

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