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Promised Land of an Unknown Immigrant


I worship Athena.

She brought me to London,

My love for wisdom.

A rich university library

Spells me bound.

Yet, I can’t stare at the books for hours

Haunted by tuition fees and regular bills.

I try to do a job

Tolerating regular bullies

I am

Restricted by hour

Restricted by sector

Restricted by category

My hands are tied.

No flexibility.

No job.

No access to public funds.

Job satisfaction – it’s a utopia.

What is left for me?

Bully and harassment on a regular schedule.

Can’t get the bitterness out of my system.

The heat is on I can’t tolerate.

Still study and study – no choice.

Tried to leave

But I can’t as my wife loves the city,

“It will be good for our kids”.

What is left?

Tolerate, tolerate and tolerate.

Spent the juice of my youth over the decade.

Promised land at last!

The price?

It was more than

An arm and a leg.

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