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Reeva's Story

Reeva and her children are active members of BDCA and also engage with the community through the Trinity Centre and local library.

Just before the pandemic Reeva lost her job. Since then, she has been applying for work but is starting to feel hopeless and demotivated. She is worried about a long gap in her CV. 

Early this year her entire family got Covid. She didn’t get any real help and support from her community. They used whatever food supply they had in the house. She had to cook and look after her family even though she didn’t feel well. She tried to call for support it was difficult to get through. Now they all feel fine but she is very cautious and anxious about Covid and its new variants.

Reeva would like an employment training programme to help find a job. She finds online classes difficult due to wifi issues and lack of a laptop. It is hard to stay motivated with online learning because it is not as interactive. Home schooling was difficult for her children without a laptop and with unreliable wifi.

Her suggestions for services that would be useful through the pandemic include support with homework, mental health and domestic abuse. She would also like help to grow vegetables at home. This could happen through online classes with seeds provided from the community garden.

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